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Soft Furnishing Specialist

For the Bristol and Bath region of England

Curtains, Blinds, Pelmets, Cushions and Accessories

I have been in the soft furnishings business for over 20 years. With a wealth of experience, I take great pleasure in providing beautiful hand made soft furnishings for your home.

I offer a flexible and personal service with an emphasis on the importance of a good client relationship. I take great pride in supplying quality hand made soft furnishings including curtains, blinds, cushions, pelmets and accessories, which are created individually to your specific requirements.

Whether you are looking for a single pair of beautiful handmade curtains or a whole house, I can help.

Explore this web site for details on the services I provide and useful details on the extensive range of soft furnishings that I can provide.

Also take a look at the picture galleries to see examples of my work and read the testimonials of my customers.

Based in Emersons Green, South Goucestershire. Covering Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas.

For a free consultation email me now or phone me on 0117 9109627


A window is one of the main feature points in any room. It may be the style of window treatment or a particular eye-catching fabric that is the point of inspiration for the whole room.

When choosing curtains you will first need to consider the shape of the window and how much light you want to let in during the day. Then you will need to determine the length of the curtain whether it full or to the sill. You also need to choose on what to hang the curtain, a track or a pole.

Curtain Headings

Different types of headings can be used to create different styles. Here are some examples :-

Curtain header samples picture

Curtain heading tape samples picture

a: Triple pleat - also called french pleat. It is most suitable for plain frabrics to show it off. It can be left plain at the base, have buttons or bows.

b: Triple pleat with Buttons - tripple pleats can be left plain at the base or have buttons or bows.

c. Goblet - simular to a triple pleat without the pleats. It is best used on long heavy curtains.

d. Pencil pleat - suitable for most curtains, usually 3 inches in height.

e. Double pleat - suitable for most curtains, usually 3 inches in height.

Heading Tapes

Cottage style - 1 inch tape set down from top to inches.

Standard 3 inch - Pencil tape.

Deep 6 inches - pencil pleat.

Tie Backs

Tie Backs can add to the style and flair of the curtains when open.

For a free consultation email me now or phone me on 0117 9109627


Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds are the most classical style of the different type of blinds. They are very versatile, fitting into the smallest window space. They are very good for bay windows and cover very little glass even when hung in the window recess. Roman Blinds are also very economical on the amount of fabric required.

Roman Blinds can be used as a full or part window treatment, for instance a pelmet and/or dress curtains can be added to give a very elegant look.

For a free consultation email me now or phone me on 0117 9109627


Pelmets or Valances can be added to to help dress the window and enhance the curtains or blinds, making them taller or shorter.

Pelmets - are firm and can give a more formal or modern look to a window. These can be trimmed with fringe, braid piping or fabric trim.

Pelmets are usally hung from a plemet board like a mini shelf.

Valances - are soft gathers, much like a small curtain, and can be shaped, piped, trimmed of frilled, to give a softer effect to a room. Valances can be gathered by the same type of heading as curtains and really need to be the same fullness as the matching curtains.

Valances are hung from a valance track.

Swags and Tails - add a very formal and lavish look to a window, but much more material is required.


Cushions, bed throws, quilts, tie backs

I can make all sorts of accessories with any spare material that you have or just order a little extra. These accessories really dress the rest of the room and effortlessly link a bed or a sofa with the window dressing.
I can make cushions of all shapes and sizes, box cushions, bed throws and even quilts.
Tie backs can also be made with the same or complimentary fabric to help dress the curtain when pulled back.


I can supply fabrics from a range of manufacturers including :

Prestious Textiles
Warwick Fabrics
Porter & Stone
Jone Interiors
Richard Barie
Tru Living
and more ...


Hallis Hudson
Evans Textiles

Poles and Tracks

Cameron Fuller
Byron & Byron
Silent Gliss
Hallis Hudson


Here is a small selection of photos from my portfolio of curtains, blinds, cushions, pelmets etc. that I have made :

Large gallery picture1
gallery picture 1 gallery picture 2 gallery picture 3 gallery picture 4 gallery picture 5 gallery picture 6 gallery picture 7 gallery picture 8 gallery picture 9 gallery picture 10 gallery picture 11 gallery picture 12 gallery picture 13 gallery picture 14 gallery picture 15 gallery picture 16 gallery picture 17 gallery picture 18 gallery picture 19

For a free consultation email me now or phone me on 0117 9109627

About Me

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Since starting Creative Interiors in 1996, I have built up a strong clientele around the Bristol and Bath area, designing and making Window Treatments and other Soft Furnishings. I also act as consultant to various Interior Design companies in the South West of England.

During 2003 - 2004 I went to the USA with my husband. Whilst in the States I helped set up a Quilting business with two other people in Orlando, making individually designed quilts by hand.

Skills :

Curtains, Blinds, Pelmets, Cushions, Bed ware, Fitted covers, Quilting and Patchwork, Embroidery, Needlepoint, Knitting, Crochet, Silk painting, Collage, Sketching & general sewing.

Qualifications :

City & Guilds Soft Furnishing   1995 to 1997 City of Bristol College, Bristol

City & Guilds Soft Furnishing  Advanced 1997 to 1999 City of Bristol College, Bristol

Hobbies :

Quilting, Embroidering, Needlepoint, Dressmaking, Knitting, Any crafts, House decorating, Hiking, Snorkeling and Reading.

Before soft furnishing I worked in Hairdressing for 16 years, of which 8 years was my running my own business.

In 1995, I had the opportunity to return to College to take courses in Soft Furnishing, due to my love of sewing, which had been my hobby since childhood.



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